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First: Got Lumikelluke v2.0!

Picture of the entire fursuit.

Close-up of the head in the dark.

Sorry, nothing to vote on currently, best pic I've taken of him so far though and can't find the original handy at the moment. :)

Second: Started working with a very good friend on getting their business rolling.

I'm Onai's Financial Advisor for her fursuiting business, mostly helped her get organized and wriggle free from some morass she was under w/ friends and family so she felt a lot better digging into things and really making a try at turning this into a full business!

It also doubled as when I took some pictures/video of Lumi2.0, I always love visiting the Chicago-area furs.

Third: FINALLY set up my seed account on DreamWidth!

As you can see, my LJ is imported here, crossposting it set up, etc. Welcome aboard!
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