Jan. 30th, 2010

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I bought plenty of gear to be ready for damn near armageddon in my Yaris; good extra-skinny winter tires, heavy-duty snow chains (which I have used to chip the ice off of a friend's street, amusingly, without harm to the chains), heavy gloves and coat and hat, etc.

This entire trip, I haven't run into so much as snow on the ground. The closest I came was deep mud in one friend's driveway that I stopped at along the way. Nadda else, at all. Even here in Denver, Colorado, it's bone-dry and staying that way all day today so my drive down out of the mountains will be sedate and boring.

I'm not complaining about the hassle-free drive, and my tires/chains have saved my bacon once or twice already back in Kansas City, but I bought them all for this trip... and ended up not using any of them. *laughs* Ah well, at least all the gear's gotten use a few times, and proven itself useful; just not for it's intended purpose.

How does that old song go? You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need... I definately needed this gear in the last couple months and upcoming few more months, but not in the way I thought, or wanted.
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...finally have a 'new year' resolution: Getting more in shape for endurance.

I'm in far better shape than I thought I was for raw strength of body, and better shape overall for endurance than I hoped. I was able to carry another suiter (Clementine/Vitani) on my shoulders from the headless lounge all the way to the main ballroom, including jogging/sprinting part of the way. And that was after carrying her around on my back like a horse for a'while to boot. And I was able to do various high-kicks and spins in fullsuit as well, though a good portion of that is simply being able to hold onto my fursuit feet with my real feet so they don't fly off when I do crazy shit.

So my goals:

Next FC I'll tote someone around on my shoulders while I'm in full fursuit for the full parade.

Next FC I'll manage a free-standing handstand in full fursuit.

So... now to go buy a weight vest, and build up the weight I can carry around between now and next year.
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