Jul. 7th, 2010

wolfwings: (Default)
As usual, just what it says on the tin. Looking for an artist willing to design a bit of steampunk-ish gear, specifically: I'm getting a fursuit of my actual fursona, WolfWings, and I'd like to get a bit of jangly, steampunkish kit to wear over the fursuit mostly over the front chest, shoulders, and arms.

The only real way to describe the idea is a post-apocalyptic steampunk urban shaman. Or to use a lot less fancy words: Drop a stereotypical Amerind 'shaman' into the wrecked cities of the movies "I Am Legend" or "Book of Eli" or the games "Fallout 3" or the "Left 4 Dead" series and imagine how they'd piece together a ceremonial outfit. Just realize this would be worn over top of a fursuit based on the character sheet I've had drawn by Wolf Nymph. Think things like using a driveshaft from a car as a ceremonial staff, and the like.

So... anyone out there know any artists that'd be interested in a commission like this? There's no rush on it, I won't have the fursuit itself for many, many moons yet.
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