Aug. 3rd, 2010

wolfwings: (Default)
I have a friend that's kinda freaking out because they found out the doctor they'd been going to that'd been having them do basic physical rehab for knee pain hadn't been telling them the whole truth of the MRI results: They actually have a hole in the cartilage and some bone damage. They hadn't mentioned either of these things on any of the previous visits, just offered the occasional cortisone injection.

They (my friend) finally has an appointment with a sports-medicine doctor on Monday, but this sudden shift in what's wrong from 'not much, possible tilted knee cap' to 'Yeah... you have a hole in your cartilage, not a tear, and your bones have ground together some already!' had them kinda freaked out and they're wanting to talk to someone that's dealt with knee problems before, to get some second-hand knowledge and talk to someone else that's gone/going through similar to themselves.

Anyone out there on my wide-ranging friends list care to talk to them? Comment here, I'll grant access to a second post that'll be up immediately after this one with contact details.
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