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I wish it was more complex than that, that I had some amazing thing to show for all this time busy besides more cash in the bank, but I don't.

I've had several projects I've been promising to work on, and they've all sat nearly 100% idle because I've been so run ragged I can't focus to code or work on anything detailed... I'd love a good old-fashioned night of physical exertion right now. And no, I'm not being subtle here... camping, wrenching on cars, hiking, sparring, BDSM, sex, a mix of the above, but something physical is what I crave lately that doesn't involve staring at a screen or sitting on my ass for hours.

As to why? That's simply. I haven't had two contiguous days off in around a month now.

I took two days off of work (last saturday/sunday) so I could rescue a friend by driving out to Las Vegas and back. 50+ hours sitting in a vehicle as a result across roughly 6 days. That was a big marker that got called in.

This weekend I've gotten called into work, opposite my normal shift of midnight->noon to cover someone for noon->midnight, so I'm basically losing this weekend as well. I've heard something about the earthquake in Japan, but I'm oddly detached from it... I just don't have the brain-power to spare to dedicate to that it seems.

This last Mon/Tues/Wed ended up spent almost entirely sleeping instead, and doing a crap-ton of chores like my own laundry and bedding that had been badly neglected until I realized my own bedding smelled funny, then (again) getting called in to help with something suddenly.

So... there goes the last 4 weeks of my life, and before that it's just way too much of a fucking blur at about the same tempo. And the annoying part to me is so much of it is tasks that simply force me to drop all my side-projects suddenly, without having a chance to explain why or schedule ways around my absenses, which hurts.

Help? =^.^=

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