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Especially as newer information is coming to light, I feel I should make clear that I am being cautious due to my reliance on Google for so much of my infrastructure right now. I can't afford the time right now to set up replacement infrastructure at this moment, so I have to protect the infrastructure I have in place.

This is why I've deleted my Google+ sub-account for now but fully plan to re-enter the platform once this policy loggerhead is cleared and sorted out. We are, literally and figuratively, watching a civil war of sorts play out inside Google in a very public fashion due to differing cultural opinions of what a name is and how policy should be enforced.

But I am still very heavily following the discussion, and a recent post by +Robert Scoble where he says he talked with Vic Gundotra about the 'real names' policy is very telling.

A bit of background: )

Vic doesn't use his legal name on his Google+ profile.

This shows the magnitude of the cultural fight going on inside of Google, I feel. I've copied the post below for your convenience, please note that ALL highlighting, emphasis, and hotlinking in the post has been added by me. The original post was/is a flat text entry, which I've linked to from the timestamp field in the subject line.

Robert Scoble's Post )
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The following is, verbatim, what I submitted as feedback to Google for why I left Google+ )

Amusingly, this re-activated my "Google Profiles" link, so that is active instead of a redirector to my Google+ account. So http://profiles.google.com/wolfwings still works and displays correctly.

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