GWOT Facilities Black NI

Apr. 18th, 2019 05:48 pm
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Data Structure Infrastructure Working Group.

As the senior surviving member of the Security team who might have a clue what anyone is talking about, I am required to attend.

The Data Center is the most secure part of our premises. I could tell you more, but my trigger finger is sore and I can't get the smell of blood out of my nostrils.

"... we have less than six days of fuel left ..."

I closed the cover of my laptop, where I had been plowing through a mass of Observation Tickets.

As the site had not been my original site of assignment, and I had been Just A Little Fucking Busy for the last few months, I had only the grossest overview of the statistics.

Let's say the Data Center can be powered by one generator. It's not true, but let's pretend. "Generator equivalents."

Most data centers would have two to four generators.

We had - remember, these are equivalents - sixty eight (68). Not capacity. Individual systems.

Any two systems could pull the load.

No point without fuel.

Our gensets ran on three basic fuels: gasoline, regular Diesel and biodiesel, and natural gas or propane.

Fortunately we had no on site propane storage beyond that used for forklifts. Small propane storages are small bombs. Big propane storages ... yeah.

Unfortunately, the fusion kiss San Francisco had received had messed up a lot more than hundreds of thousands of retirement plans. It had put a huge load on the surrounding infrastructure.

I still shuddered to think of what would have happened if the Bomb had dropped on say, Hayward. We'd be knifing each other for cans of beans in the dark.

The Bay Area was out of gasoline. The Bay Area was low on Diesel, and what little there was, had been spoken for. Generally by governments. The Bay Area, surprisingly enough, had continued to enjoy uninterrupted flows of natural gas. When the grid flickered and burped, our gensets fired up on the other other gas, and we were groovy.

"I know we can't store natural gas. But where did our Diesel go?"

There were looks around the room.

"We were in the middle of a tank refurbishment project. Half our tanks were empty for that."

I winced.

Don't even ask about solar. Not with the iron we were running. Our solar farm could run the lights, just enough fans to keep a skeleton crew from suffocating, and recharge our battery rooms to crank the generators after we were down for a while.

You see, it's a hard problem in resiliency. The more complex a system is, the more that can go wrong and the more that you need to fix it.

An equivalent military facility of our power needs would have a nuclear reactor. Not an option in sunny California.

Most of our Diesel tankage was built into the generators themselves. We had a supplemental tank farm.

Tank farms attract rockets.

At least, ours did.

Large numbers of people were getting deeply upset about the Firecracker War and Homeland's heavy handed approach to keeping civil order. Some of them were expressing their feelings kinetically.

That was the real reason for the rolling blackouts. Not lingering fallout. Not initial War damage. Rifle fire at substation components, mortar and rocket attacks (with both homemade and stolen munitions) on equipment and plants, hacking and physical intrusion.

The Richmond refinery had blown up due to a technical problem. I suppose four pounds of thermite in the wrong spot is technically a problem.

Unlike an equivalent facility, we did not have anti mortar radars and counterbattery fire. We had to make do with optics and antimaterial rifles. So far so good.

Protecting a static target is fairly easy. Protecting convoys is much harder. Protecting fuel trucks that blow up when you make a cutting remark about the driver's mother is harder yet.

So the power grid problems were going to get worse, not better. And bringing in our own fuel was not an option.

"How much can we cut load and still be viable?" I asked.

I had said the unspeakable thing. Voices were raised and the shouting began.

It wasn't anything the SLE hadn't said to me last week, when I'd brought up the impending fuel crisis. Only I'd thought we still had a month left.

I half listened to the rage matches as I thought hard. No practical amount of battery could carry the site's load more than thirty seconds. Even that was a nasty physics experiment. One (thank God pre Firecracker) hot load test had set a battery room on fire. Due to paranoid anti hydrogen gas precautions it hadn't blown up.

"How good does the quality of fuel have to be?" I interrupted.

"We have fuel quality testing equipment."

"Security has been fueling our vehicles from the community and the site motor pool storage. That's only a thousand gallons. But we have over a thousand cars in the parking lot and they are typically half tank. That's another couple thousand gallons, but it's old."

There were head shakes around the room.

"We need more fuel than that. A lot more."

So how much fuel is six days worth?

I only realized I'd asked out loud when someone answered. It was a number in the single thousands.

"Easy answer. What is the efficient consumption / production load of one generator? Congratulations. That's our new maximum server capacity. The rest of the iron shuts down every time the grid browns."

Cue screaming.

The VP Facilities took out a pencil and started scratching on his notepad.

"Now, how long will the fuel last, at that rate of consumption?"

"Months..." someone groaned. "But that's _nothing_ compared to what we normally run."

"Is it enough?"

Ask a tank driver to think in miles per gallon rather than gallons per mile. He'll start laughing.

Problem defined, they started working on it.

I opened my laptop and went back to my tickets.

Sometimes it's all in how you ask the question.

Hey Buddy, got any Diesel you can spare?

just a life status update

Apr. 15th, 2019 12:59 pm
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hello faithful ?? subscriber? reader?

it's been a while since i last made a post. chemo has been going. i won't say going well because nothing about chemo feels well, it's like a week long hangover plus you're getting over a stomach flu or something. it really genuinely sucks and getting anything done is REALLY hard.

but i am managing to take care of myself at least. i'm almost to the end of my first group of chemo drugs that i have to take (adriamycin and cytoxan) and soon i'll start the other drug (taxol) that i have to take for 12 weeks.

i'm a little scared about changing drugs (who wouldn't be!! spend 2 seconds looking up what these things do and you'd be too D:) but there's nothing really to be done about it but to face it bravely. the big worry i have, though, is that this drug is so damaging to nerves that it can cause permanent nerve damage in extremeties. like uhm. my hands. and the way to prevent this is super low tech.... i sit with my hands in ice the entire time i'm being infused with the drug. to slow down the circulatory system, and prevent the drug from getting into the hands in any large amounts.

and i am NOT A FAN of being cold lmao

so... that'll be me once a week right up til summer. but after that, i'll be done with horrible poison infusions and my hair will get to grow back and i'll be able to eat sushi and pet strange dogs again.

in the meantime, i know it makes me sound like a broken record, but having cancer Is Really Expensive. if you can donate to help me out, i would be so thankful for it. i can't reliably take on side work right now because i can't reliably complete it, and it's not like my utility companies have a cancer patient discount plan. lmao i fucking wish right? so money... is tight. and i spend... a lot just on doctors now.

well. that's all i got. since i'm almost two weeks from my previous chemo dose right now i almost feel 100% back to normal right now, so i better karpe diem and get some stuff done before fatigue knocks me down. thank you for sticking with me. i genuinely appreciate it.

to donate:

square cash ap: $cial

Ardra Transcriptions

Apr. 14th, 2019 01:49 pm
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There is an ASMR artist I really enjoy mostly on account of her practical essays in certain videos with insight on things like perception and their impact on reality. I want to quote from them a lot but since it's a video that's more difficult to do, so I've decided to transcribe the notable videos and passages for reference for myself and others if need be. (I think there are some errors but I'll review this another day, these are long videos and this is a lot of transcribing, lol)
Transcriptions for 4 different videos )


Apr. 14th, 2019 12:01 pm
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A social gripe (that applies to me and no one else) I find myself rather put off by being told 'YOU'RE VALID'

It's in line with people just say 'YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL' as some sort of uplifting statement to the point where it feels like a catchall that has no personability than it is genuinely helpful. Nothing wrong with anyone it helps, it just sure doesn't help me at all.

It's way more comforting to hear forms of 'oh I've had the same experience' than it is to just be point blank told your experience is 'valid' like of course it's valid, it's my experience. When you already have a strong will and know who and what you are and what you experience, what you need more than anything is comradery, not so much reassurance.

That's probably the disconnect, a lot of people are still in the stages confusion with their own experiences and are highly susceptible to outside forces, in which case they would need that kind of reaffirmation. And then those people, their zeal to help others, their first response is to 'validate' because they haven't got to that stage where it's no longer needed and aren't aware of the needs of those that are already self-aware. It's a nice thought but it's so tiring when you're far past that need but don't know how to express that without making it seem like you don't at least appreciate their attempt as the want to help on its own is still nice.

But as nice as the sentiment is, it sure does make it difficult to navigate trying to find those of like experiences and be able to partake in self-aware conversations with. And I think that's the thing that bugs me the most about it.


Apr. 10th, 2019 09:48 pm
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When you take the time to make something for yourself and it just.. doesn't exactly turn out right.

It's not that it's bad but IDK I feel like I missed a mark. Maybe I just need to draw more for myself or something and I'm just rusty.

honestly, I just find myself more and more confused with light and color anymore these days.

img width

Apr. 5th, 2019 07:43 pm
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geeze, all it took was adding "img { max-width: 100%; height: auto;}" to my CSS and now my images don't run over my menu anymore, regardless of window size. Now I just need to make more art so I can post more art and flex my tiny little code fix

Motivation by dread

Apr. 5th, 2019 07:19 am
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Had a weird wakeup this morning, brain decided to go dark humor on me in the dream I was having, while it's not like that's uncommon, the thing that was uncommon was getting smacked with the sense of 'YOU COULD DIE AT ANY TIME, YOU COULD DIE TODAY, AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?' So I woke up feeling dread and completely convinced I was going to die today at 2:30 in the morning with my logical aide of my brain going 'ugh yes I know we could die at any time, could you not make a scene about this'.

I wouldn't call this a crisis or anything cus I've been pretty comfortable with the fact that death could come unexpectedly, for a long time. (And by comfortable with death I mean I've been working on a 'will' since my teens. You gotta tell people what to do with your files and remains, yanno?) But at the same time it's also like dang, that sense of looming dread has a point, what have I done. Which is when I realize I haven't even got scripts written. Even if I die unexpectedly and didn't start my comic, if I at least had a script people could read that you know? There'd be at least some mark of my own out there.

If anything it was a reminder that, never know how much time there is left to do anything, might as well get something done before you can't, even if no one will see it till after you're gone. (Don't have to worry about loniness or judgement after that point either anyway lol)


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