Mountaineers 2.0 - extremely NSFW

Oct. 20th, 2017 12:06 am
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[This is an update of a folk song which traveled across America with the pioneers, and made it to California. Certain objectionable passages have been modified to better fit modern sensibilities, and new verses added. It remains extremely non work safe and obscene.]

The mountaineers have hairy ears.
And bulging leather britches.
They bang their cocks against the rocks.
They're hardy sons of bitches.

Those mountaineers, they give three cheers
For Hell and all its trifles.
They hang their balls upon the walls
And snipe at them with rifles

The mountaineers, they're hung like steers.
They'll shag a yawning chasm.
They flop their nuts against their butts,
And shoot a mean orgasm.

The mountaineers, they love their beers,
And quaff one every minute.
They drain their jocks in big stone crocks,
And wash their dishes in it.

The mountaineers, they shed no tears.
They're full of quips and frolics.
They poop foul gas from out their ass
To cool their iron bollocks.

Those mountaineers can shift their gears
And shit in all directions.
They wipe their ass on broken glass
Or on their proud erections.

Those mountaineers with hoots and jeers
Bewail a cuntless nation.
They jab their tools in gals and dudes
And abandoned masturbation.

Those mountaineers, they have no fears
Of crab-infested niches.
They scratch their pricks with sandy bricks
When annoyed by lousy itches.

They pound their cocks upon the rocks,
Those hardy sons of bitches.
They wipe their ass with broken glass,
And care not if it itches.

When tail is rare, they seduce the bears,
And tie them in half hitches,
Nor hesitate to masturbate
Within their leather britches.

They use their pricks for walking sticks
In crossing muddy ditches.
They fuck their wives with hilts of knives
And flog their butts with switches.

They brew their booze from boots and shoes,
A drink they seem to relish.
They shave their jaws with crosscut saws,
Which makes them look quite hellish.

They always are quite kind, you know,
To ladies and to babies.
But with bitches and in the ditches
They fuck like minks with rabies.

From dark till dawn with one bone on,
They fuck their horny wenches.
Then the wenches don strap-ons
And give their men attentions

From dawn till dark, they beat their bark
And screw knotholes in benches.
How they toy with grrls and bois
is too obscene to mention.

With limber tools they screw in twos
And warm each others' britches.
With stiffened cocks they pry up rocks
And boost Fords out of ditches.

The mountain lass has quite a gash.
They crack nuts in their snatches.
They love to screw an hour or two
Bare-ass in bramble patches.

The mountain twat is boiling hot.
It covers pricks with blisters.
A stranger once tried lapping cunts
And singed off all his whiskers.

Those hardy cunts use double shunts
And mighty heaves and passes,
That pull the pricks of common hicks
And set them on their asses.

The lass ne'er despair when prick is rare,
But frig themselves with cactus,
Or mount dildos in all their holes
Which gives them lots of practice.

Mountaineers grow everything,
In any soil they are master.
Every crop recovers clean
From any and all disaster.

They grow the ganja and the weed
And cannabis sativa
Beware the joint they roll and point
A puff will leave you weaving.

Mountaineers brew beer and spirits
From any slash on offer
If you drink more than a sip,
You're drunker than a potter

The earth can shake and quake
And land slide down like water
The mountaineer just laughs and laughs
And builds his campfire hotter.

Wildfires can overrun both the forest and the fauna,
The mountaineer just rebuilds
And makes his home the stronger

The mountaineer's a pioneer,
He goes just where he pleases.
When others try to chase him off
They're the ones who end up leaving.

Should invaders come into his hills,
To take away his nation
The mountaineer's a rifleman
and a skilled marauder.

In time of peace, he's meek as mice
Until someone seeks to be his master
Then by fair or foul, by hook or cowl,
He makes them run off even faster

The mountaineer's neither straight nor queer,
He likes to fuck with relish
He tells orgy bedtime tales
He has no need to embellish.

Every word of this is true
This proud poetic stanza
The mountaineer's got hairy ears
And his life is a bonanza!

DeviantArt is Fun Okay?

Oct. 14th, 2017 05:23 pm
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been thinking a lot lately about how DeviantArt is kinda.. the only fun artist community there is. (this isn't to say other communities/sites can't be fun, I'm just mostly referring to setup and infrastructure)

On DeviantArt you can draw in people's comments, respond with thumbnails of images and people make images specifically for that purpose, make your own emoticons for anyone to use without needing any specific kind of account, easily find communities to participate in, browse a category specifically geared towards art related memes. These might all seem like novelties, but when you think about being creative with anything visual, being able to do all those things are, to me, a big deal.

It feels lately that every new art site that crops up seems to hate the idea of being casual or 'fun' with art. They want to be either some sort of high skill curated deal or something of 'serious' art related like some conceptart crap. I think the only other sites that might be 'fun' are Wysp ?? And that's only because of it's more simple interaction in it's interface. In general, it's like we hit this point where people feel as though art 'has' to be serious, and it's honestly a shame. Being Super Serious about art is

People dog in DeviantArt a lot and yea, it's a hugemassive site, building a presence there isn't easy, but there are just so many ways to interact with people. People need to have fun again with their art. More art, more memes, more doing things badly and being okay with it.

And even more related, I'm much more kinder to the idea of DA Points than some people are, if only for the fact I think they need to be treated like tips and not commission currency. I mean, Twitch has it's bits and people just tip bits to streamers, why can't we revitalize the idea of tipping points to artists on DA? It's the only art site that does it.

Really miss the encouragement of Fun and Goofy art based interactions.

(no subject)

Oct. 14th, 2017 11:19 am
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Inhuman updated!

this is my first time using dreamwidth's website in a long while, i guess cuz the program i use (semagic) needs some server updates. no biggie.

as kyo wanders out into the rain again this week, im more stoked to talk about some stuff going on in personal life. namely: i FINALLY got all the paperwork insurance wanted/needed sent to the CORRECT DEPARTMENT with regards to starting hormone therapy. now all that's left is to wait a week and a half (haha) to see if this medication which is already on my formulary (list of meds insurance will cover) will be covered. its been a redonk clusterfuck to even -get- to this point, but hopefully once i'm through these last few hoops that'll be it for years.

i've also started working on a hyena costume (cial yeen of course) using a blank base from Crystumes.

here's some progress pics: progression & wip

also: thank you all my patreon patrons for your patience this month especially. there were some SNAFUs with my email, which have been resolved. but SNAFU aside, this last week was World Mental Health day. and being someone with depression, bipolar 2 and PTSD i truly and genuinely appreciate having friends followers and supporters who understand that sometimes it's really difficult to stick to a schedule. or even to socialize. knowing people have empathy for the fact that my brain literally won't function like 'normal' no matter how hard i try? it helps. it matters. it makes it a lot easier to remain functional, knowing that if i speak up about an issue i'm having it won't net me scorn or derision for honesty.

well i should probably wrap this up and check on the cats, since i hear ren pouncing on something in the other room ... it's probably just her tail tho. stay spooky, droogs!


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