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I'll actually be running around as a werehyena, possibly for three nights in a row. =^.^=

I've made some 'ragged, burst-out-of clothing' to wear over my brown-hyena fursuit Split Paw, leaving the pockets intact on the remnants of the jeans so I have somewhere to store ID in case it's needed.

Friday evening, I'm going to a big-time local party that takes over the local central train station area for the evening, then heading in to work directly from there.

Saturday, I'm going to another party before work.

Sunday, once I get off work, I'm hanging around to tromp around the trick-or-treat areas around town as much as I can, hopefully with a friend driving around in their vehicle so I can bounce around more easilly from area to area.

I'll likely toss on my Cal-Trans-style reflective vest over everything else just to make sure I'm good and visible to cars when I'm outside, but otherwise just screwing around as a hyena as much as I can. =^.^=
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