Feb. 8th, 2010

wolfwings: (red alert)
I just realized... I've made (or committed to making, technically, though basically just holding final payment for delivery in both cases) two seperate $2k-ish purchases.

One of them, I'm working patiently to be meticulous about getting every detail right, for multiple reasons, then will hand off final approval and get out of the way as the final piece is made. And by patiently I mean I'm willingly taking extra months here and there to let the concept-artist work out details until they're happy with the options they make, and then we discuss the options, lather, rinse, repeat until we're both satisfied.

The other? I basically handed the money across, and am waiting for the product to very loose specs. Species, name that indicates an easy-to-integrate theme without specifying how to integrate it, etc. No concept art, just 'get to it!' and let the artist chart their own course on things.

I just... something says it's the 'right way' to do each of these commissions, but I wonder am I really that odd to try to take such a hands-off, no-bother approach with the artists I commission as much as possible? Even on the detailed one, I'm quite happy biding my time while life works it's kinks out and moves along around the commission.

Dunno why I'm being so introspective lately, but between that, and someone commenting that my ratio of credit cards to bank accounts is backwards compared to most folks, am I really doing things that out of whack with how most people think they should be? =^.^=
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