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...but we've been worrying about gas, first and foremost. Food? That's easy. Between three trucks, we could carry so much loose food it's a non-issue. We lost Frank's Ford to rusted-through brake lines and a minivan near the state line, and lost some more time moving those wrecks out of the way so the Camino could get around.

It's so wasteful my auto-junkie blood boils at the thought, but both of our vehicles are loaded with high-octane fuel since I found a race-track way out of town and they had a bunch of fuel left. Best part? Less flammable if either car crashes.

Between space, and finding some plywood to make two levels, Old Blue's now more of a micro-RV than anything else, and Frank's Camino (bless his soul for being a fan of camper shells!) is something of a rolling armory now. About fifteen single-barrel single-shot shotguns that'll make great clubs in a pinch, and a handgun for each of us that can all share ammo is most of what we have, a couple spare boxes of slugs for the shotguns and several dozen clips Frank loaded on the road after he lost his truck.

I'm gonna take a turn in the truck bed and catch some z's, at this point I'm just aiming to try to keep moving as long as we can on the back-roads, and keep heading west until we hit mountains and pray we can survive up there for a'while on the supplies we're bringing. It's a long-shot even by lottery standards, but it's the best plan anyone's had so far. If we get closer we'll probably re-arm for hunting versus mobile defense, and right now that's what I'm looking forward to.
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Was helping a friend with on their car this afternoon, before I started hearing the screams from down the street.

Zombies ahead! )
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