Apr. 10th, 2010

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Casually discussing a technical problem with a house-mate that works in IT as well: Just upgraded the core switch at a friend's house to gigabit, had someone in the house make a quick test to/from the NAS I set up for them, still only getting 5 megabytes/second throughput. Mention 'whew, there, ethtool set up... yeah, the NAS is running gigabit' casually, and start discussing it with my housemate. Only option since the other server we tested from, under Linux, claims gigabit support at full and half duplex.

So I mention, "Either the cable's lost one of the non-crucial pairs on the home-run or his patch cable, or the plugs have a fouled pin somewhere along the way." Housemate mentions, "No, that'd stop even 100-Base," and it degrades quickly when I mention, "Um... 100-Base only requires two pairs, gigabit requires four pairs," as he thinks 100-base-T also requires all four pairs.

I just got quiet, pulled up the spec, and verified. Nope, 100-Base-T requires two-pair CAT-5 or better cabling. 1000-Base-TX requires four-pair CAT-5 or better, with CAT-5e or CAT-6 recommended to improve tolerances. Mention this, apparently that was pushing too far... =-.-=

I just saw a technical question, with a possible technical counter-point raised, and so I figured, "Go check the spec," while my housemate saw it as, "RAR! Won't stop arguing until you admit I'm right!" mentality, and I didn't realize it could be interpreted that way. *sighs* Sorry?

Anyways... yeah, rant over.
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