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Edit: Pictures!

I have to say this first. Before RCFM this year, much like Corsi Mouse, I've never had any form of Post-Con Depression. I go back from a con feeling good, purified from focused effort without having to concentrate on maintaining a societal mask of propriety.

I was, for the first time in my life truly able to understand the term tears of joy. )

And now... ...the actual con-report itself. )

So... yeah, depending on how FC goes this year at it's new hotel, I may be focusing on RCFM more myself now. *laughs* At the very least... suiting! Yay! OmNomNom! Must do that more, and soon! And thank you so much, [livejournal.com profile] pistolpup, it really made RCFM an utter blast instead of me likely just sitting in the LAN room all con if I hadn't had that suit along!

I can honestly say I haven't felt this energized in months. Yes, I'm exhausted, but I'm... full of strength I didn't have before this con. Even at work I've noticed it, I'm more assertive now, more comfortable in my own skin, after getting a chance to really unwind in another skin... the ritual of switching skins like that really let me unburden myself in a way I don't think I have since the last time I could fullsuit.
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