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So who's going? I'm planning the event as an all-day thing. Bottles of water and WHO-recipe rehydration fluid will be on hand and plentiful with straws, transportation to/from a staging area will be arranged. Space to change on-site is being looked into and discussed with Zona Rosa staff next week once I have a near-final headcount of suiters and handlers. Thus, this post to get that headcount! Pass the word around too!

[livejournal.com profile] pistolpup has offered to host a bit of a cookout/BBQ at their place that evening and help provide crash space for out-of-towners so folks can drive home on Sunday.

Rough schedule:
  • 08:00 HANDLERS Meet at staging area for pre-event meeting, get water bottles, etc.
  • 09:00 SUITERS Meet at staging area near Zona Rosa.
  • 10:00 Start suiting at Zona Rosa until it gets too hot.
  • 12:00 Lunch break! Just wander Zona Rosa and avoid the heat. LOTS to do.
  • 16:00 TENTATIVE Second round of suiting as it cools off.
  • 18:00 Head to pistolpup's for the evening.

Here's to hoping this becomes a regular thing! =^.^=

EDIT: Staging area confirmed thanks to happy coincidence. And it's nearby! Map from staging area to parking garage at Zona Rosa.
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Set up a Google Calendar Event for the next fursuiting excursion. By default will send an e-mail reminder 1 day, and 8 hours prior to the event, feel free to add yourself or invite others to it:

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Edit: Pictures!

I have to say this first. Before RCFM this year, much like Corsi Mouse, I've never had any form of Post-Con Depression. I go back from a con feeling good, purified from focused effort without having to concentrate on maintaining a societal mask of propriety.

I was, for the first time in my life truly able to understand the term tears of joy. )

And now... ...the actual con-report itself. )

So... yeah, depending on how FC goes this year at it's new hotel, I may be focusing on RCFM more myself now. *laughs* At the very least... suiting! Yay! OmNomNom! Must do that more, and soon! And thank you so much, [livejournal.com profile] pistolpup, it really made RCFM an utter blast instead of me likely just sitting in the LAN room all con if I hadn't had that suit along!

I can honestly say I haven't felt this energized in months. Yes, I'm exhausted, but I'm... full of strength I didn't have before this con. Even at work I've noticed it, I'm more assertive now, more comfortable in my own skin, after getting a chance to really unwind in another skin... the ritual of switching skins like that really let me unburden myself in a way I don't think I have since the last time I could fullsuit.
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I was bad enough that my roommates took my phone and car keys away, to guarantee I wouldn't go into work, and one of them that worked at the same company went in instead after calling my boss for me. So... yeah, +1 Delerius for a'while there, still feeling blearg now though. Didn't feel bad at all until I got home from work yesterday, suddenly BLAM, I'm toast.

Upside - got my taxes done. Well, federal is punted off. I'm doing the state by hand since it's a pitance and I refuse to pay $30 just to get a $80-100 return faster, compared to my $1300+300 federal return + stimulus check.

All of which is going for a down-payment on a fursuit, hopefully a quadruped by BeastCub. If not, I'm not sure who I'll go with. Now... to get a duct tape dummy assembled. And once I have my tax-return in hand I should have another $1.5k in the bank, so I'll have the entire cost of the fursuit saved at that point in spades I think. Complicated part, need to find out if it's possible or if BeastCub would even be willing to attempt a cross-purpose bodysuit and build both a quadrupedal and bipedal set of arms/heads. Or even if she'd rather just build the forearm braces and let someone else build the actual suit for that matter, especially since I saw quite a few very awesome avian fursuits at FC this year so I'm not sure who I'd want to go work now.

So... who among my wide and varied friends list would be willing to tackle a fursuit/quadsuit combo based on BeastCub's braces, some time before next FC? I'm budgetting $3k for this, is that about right? If nobody, I'll poke BeastCub directly once I have cash in hand/bank.

Now to wait for [livejournal.com profile] wolf_nymph to get back to me about doing the concept art, since the only thing I'm dead-set on is having her do that part because of how wonderfully she's able to blend avian & canine forms nicely, especially for the head, and she seemed jazzed about the idea when I spoke with her briefly at FC. So the earliest I could get this actually done is all the way in like... June/July anyways, if I recall the schedule she mentioned.
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